Investment Service

Investment Service

Sweden consistently ranks as one of the most competitive, productive and globalized countries in the world. The country is a global leader of innovation with a highly skilled and multinational labour force,  sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership and a stable economy.

Foreign investors can benefit from Sweden in many ways. One way is to tap into the skills and technologies in our industry clusters and research institutions. Of special note are the cleantech, ICT, life sciences,automotive and materials science industries. These are all areas where Swedish companies excel and compete at the highest international level.


Sweden is one of the fastest countries to adapt to new technologies, both in public and private sector businesses. With possibilities for good R&D, early innovation, and adaptation, Sweden is the perfect country for ICT.


With a well-known heritage of being environmentally friendly and worldwide recognition as a world leader in sustainable technology, there are plenty of business opportunities for CleanTech business in Sweden.

Life Sciences

With access to cutting edge technology and six medical universities internationally recognized for their research, there is a reason why Sweden is the fourth largest country for biotechnology in Europe.


Some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies started in Sweden and are today global brands such as ABB, Volvo, AstraZeneca, Scania and Atlas Copco. These companies have a very large manufacturing presence in Sweden and are today accompanied by a large number of foreign companies with manufacturing operations in Sweden, including for example General Electric, BAE Systems, Wipro, Bharat Forge, Bombardier, Pfizer, Komatsu and Akzo Nobel.

Sweden is in the world top in R&D spending and 75 percent of the business R&D expenditure in Sweden is within manufacturing. The largest R&D sectors within manufacturing are ICT equipment, transport equipment and chemicals and minerals. As R&D and manufacturing is becoming increasingly integrated, the strong R&D environment in Sweden combined with solid conditions for manufacturing operations is an advantage.


Sweden is a country well suited to new retail concepts and there are opportunities in most market segments. There is also a good supply of retail space, due to major on-going and planned expansion of shopping centers and retail parks throughout the country as well as a number of city center renewal projects. Property owners and developers welcome international concepts, as they serve to differentiate their retail offering.