Become a member

Become a Member

CSBC Membership Application

 How to Apply:

1.Please fill in the form below.

2.Please complete the information of the Primary Contact Person (Company’s Principal Representative to CSBC, hereafter the Council).

3.The approval of the Executive Council to be eligible for membership, the Executive Council will retain the right not to approve.


The basic obligations for membership:

1.Support and implement the Charter of the Council.

2.Actively participate in the Council‘s various activities, and contribute to the work of the Council.

3.Pay dues accordingly.


Member's right:

1.The right to vote for the Council, to elect and to vote on major issues.

2.Participating in the activities of the Council, and enjoy member's preferential treatment.

3.Priority access to the services of Council.

4.The right to criticize and monitor the work of the Council.

5.Freedom to join and withdraw from the Council.


Member Fee: 500 SEK regardless of membership category

Service Fee:

A. Startups who want to do business with China: 2,000 SEK

B. Companies doing business with China: 10,000 SEK

C. Corporate membership: 20,000 SEK

D.  For private persons, pay member fee only.



Swedish VAT will be added to the service fee, the service fee is tax-deductable.

The members in China: 2, 000 RMB for category A;  10,000 RMB for categoryB; 20,000 RMB for category C.

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