Speakers 2017

Speakers 2017

Jöran Hägglund is County Governor in the County of Jämtland since 2014. He is appointed by the government, and presides over the "County Administrative Board" . Jämtland County constitutes 12 percent of Sweden's total area, 49,443 km2 (19,090 sq mi) and is the third largest county in the country.

He was previously among other positions State Secretary at the Ministry of Industry in Sweden. He is committed to issues regarding economic growth and business development.

Penilla Gunther

Member of Parliament, Member of Committee on Industry and Trade

Former Member of Nordic Council and Chair of Committee on Welfaren

Karin Kärr is the Regional Advisor for Asia at the Swedish Institute, a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in the fields of culture, education, science and business. She will make a speech on topical “This is Sweden”.

Niklas Swanström is Director of the Institute for Security and Development Policy, and one of its co-founders. He is also Non-resident Professor at Sichuan University. His main areas of expertise are conflict prevention, conflict management and regional cooperation; Chinese foreign policy and security in Northeast Asia; traditional and non-traditional security threats and its effect on regional and national security as well as negotiations. He will make a speech on topical "Belt and Road".

kevin.zhou (CEO and President of Sino-Swed Tong Kang Bio-Tech. He will make a speech on topical "Technology transformation: China - Sweden cooperation project".

Håkan Svennerstål (CEO and President of Svennerstål and Partners AB) has a Ph.D in Learning Leadership and Economics from the University of Stockholm.

Doctor Svennerstål’s area of expertise is learning leadership and leadership assessments. He will make a speech on topical "The Cross-cultural management challenges during Overseas investment".

Emeritus Björn Åkermark: Professor of  Kungliga Tekniska högskolan in Stockholm, has authored more than 260 scientific publications. Since 1989, he has been focusing on artificial photosynthesis research. In 1995, he founded the Swedish Artificial Photosynthetic Network

Lena Sellgren 

Chief Economist.at Business Sweden

Professor Haisu Wang Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,Vice president of China Industrial Economics Association

Xiaodong Han

Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Sweden