Business Forum 2019

Why choose CSBC Business Forum

To promote delegations’ potentials and possibilities towards Public and Private sectors in Sweden and other EU countries for Development projects nationally or internationally

To promote CSBC’s business strategic platform that cross-continental cooperation is a way of reaching sustainable development

To strengthen relationship among delegations for future multilateral cooperation

To promote respective country’s frame works for businesses, joint ventures and investment

To initiate business contacts for joint ventures, partnership, investment and knowledge exchange between participant countries from Europe, Africa and Asia.

To provide more direct information from delegations to Swedish officials, business community and related organizations about future plans for cooperation for infrastructure, innovation, education, research, business projects and investments in developing countries.

To ease and contribute to stronger relationship between countries for the benefit of BRI projects.

To promote BRI and multilateral potentials and possibilities to officials and Business communities of  each participating country.

For sponsors

Main sponsors (300 000 SEK or 30 000 EUR):

  1- Membership of organized committee

  2- Logotype in all publications, at all events and Press Conference

  3- Close-door meetings with delegations

  4- Visiting tour at the company or organization

  5- One hour presentation seminar for delegations and public about its service and products

  6- Welcome and Key note speech at main event (Executive Speech day 1 Opening ceremony)

  7- For Swedish sponsors: Member of Swedish delegation, only at CEO or Board level.

  8- For Chinese Sponsors: Member of Chinese Delegation

  9- For other foreign sponsors: Member of its country delegation

  10- Having own booth for 3 days.

Level 2 sponsors (200 000 SEK or 20 000 EUR):

  1- Presentation at all events by its own booth for 3 days

  2- Logotype in main publication only.

  3- One hour presentation and seminar for delegations and public

  4- Key note speech in day 1 on Future Forum)

Level 3 sponsors (100 000 SEK or 10 000 EUR):

  1- Presentation at all events by its own booth for 3 days

  2- logotype in one event of choice (Enterprises Forum).

  3- Welcome and key note speech on that event and the introduction, 5 minutes.

  4- 30 minutes presentation seminar for public

For Delegations and Enterprises

Travel and Accommodations:

All costs will be self-covered by delegations and organizations.

CSBC can offer a packet in case delegations are interested.


All fees are inclusive VAT. Swedish and EU organizations and companies should add VAT to these fees.

Delegations will pay 50 000 SEK for up to 5 participants. For each extra participant 7 000 SEK.

The fee include:

     - One assistant

     - Meals and beverages during the event

     - Booth for all three days

     - Dinner with other delegations or one official dinner with some delegation of its choice.

Non-sponsor Enterprises for holding presentation via seminar of its own 50 000 SEK ( 1-1,5 hr)

Non-sponsor Enterprises for Booth at one activity 10 000 SEK, all three days 60 000 SEK