Agenda 2017


Monday 9 Oct. 2017


Registration Opens(8:45 registration closed)

Networking Opportunities and Exhibition Session


Opening Session

Mr. Jöran Hägglund

Jämtland  Governor , Chairman  of the China-Sweden Business Forum

Greeting from Gui Congyou, Ambassador of the P.R.C.


Innovative  Sweden

Ms. Penilla Gunther

Member of Parliament


New Industrialization Strategy in Sweden

Mr. Jöran Hägglund


Prospects and potentials of economic and trade cooperation between China and Sweden

Mr. Han Xiaodong

Commercial Counselor of

Chinese Embassy in Sweden


Coffee/Tea break(Networking Opportunities and Exhibition Session)


Dialogue:  To explore business cooperation model between China and Sweden

Mr. Kai Hammerich (Moderator)

Mr. Jöran Hägglund, Ms. Penilla Gunther, Mr. Han Xiaodong, Mr. Claes-Goran Sandstrom




This is Sweden

Ms. Karin Kärr

Regional advisor for Asia at Swedish Institute


Growth Opportunites  in China

Dr. Lena Sellgren

Chief Business Sweden


“The Belt and Road” Policy Interpretation

Dr. Niklas Swanström

Director of the Institute for Security and Development Policy


Innovation SMEs and Intangible assets optimization in China

Prof. Haisu Wang

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,

Vice president of China Industrial Economics Association


Coffee/Tea break (Networking Opportunities and Exhibition Session)


Reserch perspective:The Problems and Solutions in Cross-Border Cooperation

Professor Björn Åkermark

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Stockholm


The Challenges during Overseas Investment

Mr. Kai Hammerich

President of KA Foreign Investment Corporation


Technology Transformation

China - Sweden cooperation project

Mr. Kevin Zhou

President of SSTK biotech


Dialogue: The Opportunities and Challenges of China-Sweden Business Corporation  under the Background of ‘ the belt and road’

Dr. Daniel Wiberg (Moderator)

Mr. Junfeng Li, Mr. Kai Hammerich, Dr. Niklas Swanström, Professor Sven Skog, Dr.Lena Sellgren




Launch ceremony of China-Sweden Business Council

Networking Opportunities and Exhibition Session

Board of Directors in CSBC

Advisory Board Member in CSBC

Tuesday 10 Oct. 2017

Sweden is an important country in Europe and a major country in the Nordic region. It boasts a developed economy, advanced science and technology and the world-renowned "Swedish model" in social governance. Day 2 offers a business visit program. Open to All Registered Delegates

1. PaintMate Robotics AB   

The Paint Mate Finishing robotics is a fast growing Swedish company in the industrial robotic field. It specializes in robots that do automated paint and surface treatment eg. painting, coating, finishing and grinding.

2. Stockholm Fashion District(10:00 AM - 11:00 AM)

Stockholm Fashion District is a creative, vibrant and innovative district for the Swedish fashion industry. Located in Nacka strand, Stockholm Fashion District is the destination for Swedish and international brands. Stockholm Fashion District is a hub for both business and creativity with showrooms, trade fairs, production, buying days and pop up-events.

3- Wastewater treatment /Water purification

Sweden has one of the most far-reaching standards for effluent in treated waste-water in the world. Sewage treatment plants were introduced as early as the 1930s.Sweden’s early investments in water and wastewater treatment technologies have led to the development of a wide range of innovative solutions of all types and sizes, which are being implemented in many countries around the world.


4. Hospital & Aged person Home(10:00 AM - 11:00 AM)

We visit the Garrison Hospital – now Landstingshuset, the seat of Stockholm County Council – on Kungsholmen was designed by C.C. Gjörwell and completed in 1834. We will meet Ms. Ella Bohlin, County Council with responsibility for disability, rehabilitation, multiple illness, palliative care, women's health care and major public diseases. People in Sweden are living increasingly longer. The average life span is now 81.4 years for women and 80.3 years for men. Sweden proportionally has one of Europe’s largest elderly populations. As a world-leading country for innovation and technology, Sweden is a  forerunner in e-Health, which promotes electronic communication between patients and the healthcare system. 

5.  Science park   

Sweden Science Park is a meeting place for innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

6. Art in the subway

The Stockholm subway system is said to be the world's longest art exhibit - 110 kilometers long.Traveling by subway is like traveling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today. Over 90 of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm have been decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs by over 150 artists.