Member Benefits

Member Benefits

There are many reasons to become a member of the CSBC!


1.As a member, you will have the opportunity to:

network-building for your business as well as for your social life

learning about and discussing timely topics related to business between Sweden and China

participation in CSBC core activities in the Committees

enjoy various types of events, seminars and other activities, exclusive to members


2. the Sweden China Business

Through the CSBC your company have opportunities to influence important factors in the Sweden-China business world and industrial life.

Access to seminars, business meetings or events

Promotion of CSBC member business activities


Member Benefits

Membership Benefits






Corporate Member

Member fee: 300 SEK, Service fee

1 500 SEK

5 000 SEK

10 000 SEK

20 000 SEK






Listing in online Member Directory

Presentation of the members on the CSBC website

Member to Member Introductions

Business delegations to China

Opportunity to partner on events and initiatives

Attendance / discounted rates at CSBC events

Exclusive sponsorship opportunities

Discounted advertisements on CSBC media

Opportunity to co-chair Sector Forums




Priority opportunities to speak at CSBC events




Opportunity to share news and PR via CSBC network



Access to high level meetings and closed door sessions




Access to the Swedish and the Chinese government policy makers




Discounts on hotels, restaurants and other services






Free consultation





Chinese visa application support

Free posting of job opportunities on CSBCs website

Information on Chinese market business practices

Recommendation of members to business partners



Access to numerous activities of Swedish Chambers of Commerce in Stockholm



Supplier Search and Background Check



Recruitment, Practice & Training in the mainland China/Sweden




Hot Desk in China/Sweden