Board of Directors

Kevin Zhou, entrepreneur, Founder and President of Sino-Swed Tong Kang Bio-Tech Ltd ,PMP,MBA, Director of China Health Management Association, Qualifications of Science and Technology Project Evaluation of Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R. China

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in setting up a business, enterprise management and project investment operation, especially in the banking investment and venture capital management.

Board of Directors

Håkan Svennerstål, CEO and President of Svennerstål and Partners AB, has a Ph.D in Learning Leadership and Economics from the University of Stockholm.

Doctor Svennerstål’s area of expertise is learning leadership and leadership assessments.

Alexander V. Garbu, Founder & CEO of iQubator

Serial entrepreneur, MBA, lawyer, lecturer, senior advisor and strategy activist with over 7 years experience in China and focused interests within innovation (disruptive strategies), digital transformation and internationalization (focus on China-EU cross-border e-commerce). Today representing companies such as Mind and Space, Executive Forum, iQubator and iQubator Fashion, ZhongSweden, Mingtian and Scandic Foods Asia, as well as board member of CSBC.

Monica Domert, entrepreneur and designer. CEO of Stockholmspusslet and Moch Design. She has started many different companies. Design, color and shape have always been important. To municipalities and companies she has designed gifts and presents to enhance their brand with color and shape. She has worked with municipalities like Kävlinge Kommun, organazitions like WWF, SKF, Peab and designed the prices for Swedish Open and Helsingborg city.


Bing Tang, Founder and President of China Travel Service Arctic AB and Sweina AB, has a PhD degree in Chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. He is the Secretary General and Vice President of Sveriges Kinesiska Riksförbund. In recent years, he is very active in promoting the interchange of culture, economics, technology, education, sports, tourism, etc. between Sweden and China, and has organized many big events, conference, business training and technical visit for Chinese official and business delegations.

Barbro Ohlson Smith, Founder and Creative Director Ohlsonsmith Brand Design Agency. She has 25 years’ experience in design and brand communication – as creative director, design executive, designer, speaker and educator.

In addition to her work as creative director, Barbro devotes time to design through lecturing and judging. Among her many speaking engagements can be named Cannes Creative Festival.

Adam Hofmann, Is dedicated in the area of both business and the world of politics. This has created a deep understanding of relationships between them, but also the effects they have on each other. It is precisely the understanding that Adam emphasizes as the key to success when building relationships and creating political and business opportunities. Today Adam works as co-founder of Hofmann & Palmlöv Communications bureu and has a great interest in international relations.


Adam has elected office at Nacka municipality Nature-and Traffic Committee. He is also member of the expertgroup of the Swedish confederation of small and medium businesses. (Företagarna) and member of "SN Young Board" Swedish confederation of Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv).