Board of Directors

Kevin Zhou - 周际

Vice Chairman, China Representative


Entrepreneur, Founder and President of Sino-Swed Tong Kang Bio-Tech Ltd ,PMP,MBA, Director of China Health Management Association, Qualifications of Science and Technology Project Evaluation of Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R. China

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in setting up a business, enterprise management and project investment operation, especially in the banking investment and venture capital management.

Board of Directors

Ali Farmandeh



In more than 15 years Mr Ali has worked in different positions at Large segment Companies. He has started many new units, Business Areas and Service Areas with focus on market and its changes. I am a true entrepreneur who thinks and acts "out side the box" and therefore contributed to positive changes and growth of companies when others considered it impossible.


Lydia Liu - 刘芳

Founding Partner and Excutive Dirctor


Specialties: Start ups, business negotiation, business development, project management, global IT management , trade, business culture training, Chinese business culture, Chinese teaching, Mindful Solutions and Stress Reduction at Work.

Monica Domert -

Swedish Member Director


Entrepreneur and designer. CEO of Stockholmspusslet and Moch Design. She has started many different companies. Design, color and shape have always been important. To municipalities and companies she has designed gifts and presents to enhance their brand with color and shape. She has worked with municipalities like Kävlinge Kommun, organazitions like WWF, SKF, Peab and designed the prices for Swedish Open and Helsingborg city.


Dr. Bing Tang - 唐兵

Chinese Member and Delegation Director


Founder and President of China Travel Service Arctic AB and Sweina AB, has a PhD degree in Chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. He is the Secretary General and Vice President of Sveriges Kinesiska Riksförbund. In recent years, he is very active in promoting the interchange of culture, economics, technology, education, sports, tourism, etc. between Sweden and China, and has organized many big events, conference, business training and technical visit for Chinese official and business delegations.

Dr. Håkan Svennerstål,

Former Chairman and Honorary Director


CEO and President of Svennerstål and Partners AB, has a Ph.D in Learning Leadership and Economics from the University of Stockholm.

Doctor Svennerstål’s area of expertise is learning leadership and leadership assessments.