About the Forum

About the Forum

China’s growing middle class and transformation into a consumption-led, innovative economy are presenting new opportunities for Sweden businesses. The forum offer a platform for dialogue and cooperation.

The China-Sweden Business Forum is a platform to increase business engagement between Sweden and China.

The Forum is a leadership event that brings together business and political leaders, distinguished delegates from China, along with trade and international experts to discuss important challenges and opportunities for Sweden.

The Forum is an opportunity to network with senior business and political leaders and engage in a strategic conversation for Sweden and China.


Gathering the industry’s most influential people to share intelligence and spark discussions that increase business engagement and understanding between Sweden and China.

The 2017 Forum focused on ‘Innovation & Cooperation ’, exploring what is influencing China’s markets and economic growth, and provided insights into:

Investment environment and policy in China/Sweden

Doing business in China/Sweden

How to thrive in China’s rapidly changing and innovating markets


Forum fee: 3600 SEK; 1800 SEK for member

Exhibition Booth: 5000 SEK